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DIASONIC CertificateISO9007:2008 / CE / FCC / Inno Biz / Certificate of company subsidiary research / Certificate of promising small and medium business institute / Certificate of patent of a bonded factory / Dolby / ETL / KC / HDMICertificate of Utility Model- USB jack built in MP3/2003.11.- MP3 replay and recharge system equipped with a docking station for MP3 and speakers /2005.4. - Audio system equipped with removable speaker system/2005.12 - A holder for vehicle navigation and potable PMP - A holder for potable electronic appliance for vehicle/2008.1Registration of Design- USB port built-in MP3 Player/2004.5 - Docking station for MP3 Player/2005.9 - Docking station and speaker built in MP3 Player/2006.3. - Potable player holder/2007.4. - Vehicle potable player holder/2007.7.